Education based on understanding

Developed with children, for children

Ollie the Elephant — Learning Made Easy

This series is specifically designed to help create an understanding of language for a child.  It is unlike any other language-learning system.  It focuses on the things that others don’t teach.

What Tutors and Students Say



Ollie the Elephant in India

The children have changed. They love the classes and are interested in learning. There is a new look on their faces. You can see the children walk around and shine.

The students are very excited about the daily classes. They always arrive before the teacher! Because of the methods used to teach, the students are eager to learn. They lose their sense of time! They will stay as long as we give a class. We could teach them all day without losing their interest.

Now the students are very interested, and come to class every day.

I have learned how to give a class, how to keep the students interested, how to deal with the children in a caring manner, and most of all how to get the students through their study difficulties.
The method is completely different from what I am used to, but it is amazingly powerful. The children change in front of your eyes.

P.K. Delhi, India

The mentality and outlook of the children has completely changed! They have become interested in learning to read and write, and they have hope for the future. The change has been so great, that even the parents have hope for the first time. They have changed their minds about the importance of education. The parents are now supporting education as they have seen the changes in the children since we started this program.

What do the children think now? After starting the classes, the parents have realized that the children are really learning. Both the parents and the children have hope that they can learn to read well.

Thanks to their program, I am beginning to learn English. I am learning how to teach, I am learning how to speak to others, and I have a future.

K.K. Delhi, India

Student Testimonial

When I started this programme, I did not believe that I would be able to learn to speak English.  But now I am realizing that I will be able to learn English very well.  Before this, I was afraid to speak English. I wasn’t able to speak even basic simple words.  I didn’t dare to speak English in front of anyone. I was embarrassed and I thought that people would just laugh at me, so I didn’t even try to speak English.

But after just a few days on the programme, I realized that I can learn to speak English, that I will become fluent, and that I can learn to speak like a “gentleman.” Through the methods used on this programme, I have found confidence in speaking. And even though I still make mistakes, this no longer bothers me. I know that to learn English, I need to practice and not worry about mistakes.

I have learned how to communicate with others, I am no longer afraid to speak English. I no longer hesitate. I have gained the confidence to speak. I could never even look at others before. Now I can face anyone!

V.K., Student

Tutor Testimonial

I have a 4 year old [student] who has never set foot in a school. He is now starting to READ these little sentences of the Ollie books. He really likes the pictures and he can overcome the barriers easily. (which surprises me a lot). With this [student], I do mainly work from only the Ollie books.

… He is still concentrated on the lesson for the full 30 minutes. Very rare for that age.

J.S., Tutor, United Kingdom

Parent Testimonial

I just went through this book fully for the first time and can’t wait to read it with my granddaughter.

She’s a beginning reader, but I’ve seen this technique work beautifully with teen-aged students becoming more proficient in English. These are the words we all think we know, and seldom really do.

This book is beautiful, and the artwork is perfect for the younger beginners. An elementary school teacher I showed it to is equally enthusiastic about the book.

Charis, Parent, USA