Clarity Learning Centres

Our Philosophy

Clarity specializes in teaching how to study.  There is no child, student, or adult who can not learn, if he knows how to learn.  This is a subject that is not taught in most schools.  One is simply told that one must learn.  That is why some students have a hard time learning — they don’t know how to.

We Help Students of All Ages

No one is too old to learn how to study.

Clarity teaches several levels of materials, each suited to the appropriate age group.  This allows us to deal with a wide variety of students, from children, to teenagers, to university students, and adults.  We also deliver a student rescue service.  When a student has performed poorly for a long period of time, and has gotten completely stuck in his studies, we provide intensive one-on-one tutoring in order to get that student unstuck.

Are you  a teacher, school principal, or educator?  Come in for a special teacher training program, and learn to how to debug any student on any subject.

If you have lost hope, contact us now.  Study problems can be resolved.  There is no need to continue suffering.