Helping Students at Mayo College

Mayo College

At Clarity Learning Centres, we focus on teaching both adults and children how to study and learn. Therefore we work with the faculties of some of the top schools in the country, delivering special programs to turn students around who are not making it.

As we deal with how to study, a subject not taught in schools, we can turning any student around, no matter how bad the problem may seem.

The May College school counselor, in her own words described our programme as “magic.” She had never seen results like the ones obtained by Clarity.

Why can we get these results? Well, how to learn is an exact science. There are precise reasons a student gets stuck, and precise reasons why he can not understand a lesson or a subject. When you know how to learn, and why students have difficulties studying, it is simple to resolve study difficulties. The time it takes may vary, student to student, but the result is always the same. We get them successful in their subjects, by teaching them how to learn, and what to do when they get into trouble.

Use a Dictionary

While it may sound obvious that one should use a dictionary, it might surprise you that most students don’t.  Instead, they try to figure out the meanings of words from their context.  And, while this is possible to a degree, the result is deadly.  If you make up your own meanings of words, there is no guarantee that you are right.  You may be partly right, or you may be completely wrong.  There is no way of knowing, short of looking the words up in a dictionary.

It never fails to surprise both children and adults that some of the words they invented their own meanings of (by looking at the context) mean something entirely different than what they originally thought — and that the reason they were having trouble with the subject was because they thought they knew the meanings of the words.

Most words in the English language have more than one meaning.  This is another trap a student can fall into.   It is true even with simple words.  In fact, the small common words that everyone uses are the least understood!

For example, did you know that the word “to” has ten separate meanings?  This comes as a shock to most people.  It is completely overlooked in most cases that if you do not have the right meaning for a word, you can not understand the text properly.  You may have a general idea, but you will not have certainty.

When you know how to study and learn, education becomes possible.  It is then also possible to help others through their difficulties.

We want to thank Mayo College and its Faculty for inviting us.  They are dedicated to ensuring that every student is a success.  It was a privilege delivering our learning workshop, and it is quite obvious why they are considered the top boarding school in the country.

“I have seen my students, who were restless and had difficulties studying, completely change, gain confidence, and gain an excitement about learning. It is like magic! The students are so excited and are sharing this knowledge with their classmates. I want Clarity to come back to Mayo College to teach all the other students how to study as well.” – Mayo College Counselor

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