Joining Forces with Shoolini University of Biotechnology to Deliver Drug Education Workshop in Local Schools

Himachal Pradesh

Say no to Drugs Education

Students who are not doing well are far more likely to fall prey to bad habits than those who are doing well.  With declining literacy rates and increasing study problems, more and more youngsters are falling prey to temptation.  Drug pushers and other criminals take advantage of those who have a hard time learning, and lead them astray.

After all, someone who has difficulty learning is an easy target for a criminal element.  To combat this growing social problem, Clarity founders are also involved in Say No to Drugs education, and have an alliance with Drug Free World.  After all, a drugged student is guaranteed to fail in both his studies and in life.

Clarity Founders Mr. Avi Vatsa and Mr. William Tucker, traveled to Solan in order to deliver lectures and apply the same learning methods used in our Clarity Learning Centres, to educate students in several government schools and strengthen their resolve to stay free from drugs. This was done in an alliance with the Shoolini University of Bio Technology.

Training Volunteers

Shoolini University, its faculty, and the students under its care, are at the forefront of tackling this issue locally.  They are reaching out to the schools in their community by sending university student volunteers to take action and raise awareness.

Mr. Avi Vatsa and Mr. William Tucker joined forces with Shoolini faculty.   Together they visited and delivered workshops to over 2000 students, in just a few days.  In addition they took the time to train over 50 student volunteers at Shoolini university on how to deliver Drug Free World workshops.  These 50 student volunteers are now going out to at-risk schools in order to educate the students on the dangers of drugs.

“Our methods are different.  We make sure the children have an understanding of what drugs are and what they do.  Any drug is essentially a poison; this is what most people fail to understand.  A small amount stimulates the body, a larger amount acts as a sedative (puts you to sleep), and an even larger amount destroys your body or kills you.  The type of drug makes no difference, they all work the same way.  It’s just a matter of how much. – William Tucker, Co-founder Clarity Learning Centres

At the root of the drug problem lies an inability to learn, and failing education.  Any child or adult who is doing well and can learn is immensely strengthened against the danger of getting involved in drugs.  How can we be so certain?  The answer is plain.  Clarity’s founders have worked with juvenile programs as well. Just about all juveniles have the same thing in common: they started on the wrong path after they failed in school.  It was their inability to learn and understand in school that drove them to despair, and got them involved with the wrong people after starting to bunk classes.

Juveniles who are taught how to study, and who have their educations repaired, cease to be juveniles.  They become productive assets to their families and to society.  We know — we’ve seen it happen many times.

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